AD appeal

this is a post about two different gaming ads.


the ad for minecraft.

the layout is:  there is a creeper on the left, a diamond pickaxe in the middle, and a steve,pig and sheep on the right. the word MINECRAFT sits on the top of the ad.

the colors are: grey, white, green, blue, black, brown, beige, pink,purple.

type of lettering: pixel

words used: MINECRAFT  buy minecraft  only $29.65!

pictures:  pickaxe,pig,sheep,steve,creeper.

which one appeals most?    this one .

why?       i have always been a minecraft fan and i like the pixellation .


the ad for clash of clans

the layout is: there is a archer in the middle, a screen showing the archers attacking a building, the logo in the top right hand corner, and the word “shoot your Enemies down!” underneath all of it.

the colors : gold, green, red, pink, skin color, brown, grey.

type of lettering: Default.

words used: “Shoot Your Enemies Down!”   clash of clans.

pictures: archer,village, ribbon, logo.

which one appeals most?    not this one.

why?          i have played it before, but as i said before, i AM a minecraft fan.


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