MINECRAFT: the pros and cons.

this is a blog about a game played by millions: Minecraft.

we will be reading about the pros and cons of minecraft.


1: in 1.6.1, a major update added things like horses. c’mon, it beats riding on a pig!

2: in 0.9.0 a update added things like ocelots and wolves. even though ocelots are a pain in the derriere to tame, its great when you don’t have to check your back every 20 seconds (long story short, i went out side to chop a tree without a cat. you can probably guess what happened. kabooom!)

3: in 1.4.2, the wither was added to minecraft. at first, it could not be spawned naturally unless you used a spawner or a cheat. even then it would probably crash your computer. A little bit of time later, newer updates allowed it to work better.The wither can shoot three projectiles at the same time, making it a difficult boss.

4: in 1.8, rabbits were introduced to minecraft. rabbits are cute little bunnies that are entirely harmless(exept for the killer bunny.EEK!).they drop rabbit meat, rabbit fur, and rarely,a rabbits foot which can be used either as a lucky charm or for potions of leaping.


1:Boats. their low duribility, combined with lack of direction, make them the worst mode of transport in minecraft.

River transport? Forget it. The boat has so low duribility that if even you lightly bounce into a block, it smashes into splinters. There is a good side though: on minecraft  pocket edition, they modeled it so you can finally go down a river without bringing spares.

2 in 0.8.0 carpets were added to minecraft pocket edition. at first you could put these near a wall and have a pet sit on it with ease, but not anymore. now when you put a pet on a carpet near the wall, it glitches into the wall and you lose your pet. pretty sad if you liked that pet. there’s a problem with minecarts too. when you try to sit in one it vanishies.

so long!!!!


AD appeal

this is a post about two different gaming ads.


the ad for minecraft.

the layout is:  there is a creeper on the left, a diamond pickaxe in the middle, and a steve,pig and sheep on the right. the word MINECRAFT sits on the top of the ad.

the colors are: grey, white, green, blue, black, brown, beige, pink,purple.

type of lettering: pixel

words used: MINECRAFT  buy minecraft  only $29.65!

pictures:  pickaxe,pig,sheep,steve,creeper.

which one appeals most?    this one .

why?       i have always been a minecraft fan and i like the pixellation .


the ad for clash of clans

the layout is: there is a archer in the middle, a screen showing the archers attacking a building, the logo in the top right hand corner, and the word “shoot your Enemies down!” underneath all of it.

the colors : gold, green, red, pink, skin color, brown, grey.

type of lettering: Default.

words used: “Shoot Your Enemies Down!”   clash of clans.

pictures: archer,village, ribbon, logo.

which one appeals most?    not this one.

why?          i have played it before, but as i said before, i AM a minecraft fan.