10 pictures, 10 meanings

recently, my teacher made me post this on my blog. its not exactly a game, but i had to do it. first picture…………

a cartoon.

this comic strip was made by Bill Waterson and shows Calvin and Hobbes talking about Christmas. this picture makes me laugh out loud.It also makes me happy.

a moonset picture

this picture was taken near pigeon point lighthouse. this picture makes me feel calm and relaxed.

somebody took this picture with a hd camera .

a coca cola ad from 1988

this is a coca cola ad from 1988. it shows a coca cola and words saying “ice cold COCA COLA  sold here.

it makes me feel like i want to buy it.

Image result for shih tzu pomeranian

a shih tzu Pomeranian

there is a shih tzu Pomeranian .it was posted to show how cute this Pomeranian Shih Tzu was. it makes me feel like i want to hug it and squeeze it.

a travel brochure for Florida.

this picture shows the recommended hotels, airlines and rental car services across Florida. this picture was made by  myorlando  tho show travelers recommended places to stay and go . it is made with paper and photo copying.  it makes me feel great to know where to go on my next vacation.

londonderry school gym.

this picture shows the inside of londonderry school gym. it was taken to show the inside of the gym. it somehow makes me feel relaxed.

a postcard from Italy.

this picture shows some of the nice places in Italy. it was printed for one person to send another person this. it makes me feel nice.

a piece of art by van gohg

this art shows a town and the starry sky. it was made to show the beauty of the night.the swirls make me feel relaxed.

a picture showing all the mobs in MINECRAFT.

this picture shows all the mobs in my favorite game, minecraft . it was made by someone.  it makes me feel OK.

the book cover for Percy Jackson and the lightning thief.

this book shows Percy Jackson standing in water near mount Olympus  . this book was created by Rick Riordian. this picture makes me want to read the book.


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